The theme for Gracious 2020 is “Daughter with a VOICE”

We believe Gracious is more than a gathering, it’s an intentional one on one date with your Abba Father. Our prayer is that you will leave saying How good is HE not how good is she. That every women and girl would leave refreshed, restored and reminded of Whose they are.

YOU are righteous in Christ Jesus! We pray you will be reminded that God is not mad at you or disappointed in you – He is madly in love with you! He gave up His life for you! We need to know that it is ALL because of Jesus’s obedience on the cross and not anything we do or don’t do. Jesus has already paid the price for our short comings, sin and disobedience for us to have access to this beautiful Holy relationship with the FATHER. We have been made righteous, we are well pleasing and worthy in Christ Jesus. Abba longs for that relationship with you!

Our heart is to establish every women and girl in their God given identity. That each one of you would know who you are Whose you are. You are HIS Beloved Daughter! You are a daughter of THE KING of KINGS, you are Royalty with a Royal inheritance that is yours to own and walk in. YOU have a loving Father in heaven that wouldn’t spare His own son for YOU! I believe when we know who and Whose we are, we become who we were designed and predestined to be and to walk out the calling on our life. I truly believe we will be better friends, mothers and wives because of this fundamental and foundational root that needs to be established in us. Everything we are and everything we put our hands to out of being secure in HIM, will be fruit and bear much fruit. Our life will finally make sense, we are no longer lost, misplaced or displaced, we BELONG no matter what our last name is or where we come from or what our past looks like. You are HIS Beloved Daughter! Loved unconditionally!

Daughter with a voice! Daughters, there is a Commissioning for us to SPEAK GRACE!! Anything the devil has used in your lives to silence you – we speak to that and say be removed in Jesus name!! We encourage you to be bold and speak up about Jesus and what He has done for you. God has given each of us a Jesus story to tell, a testimony, a voice that can speak the finished work of Jesus. There are lost sons and daughters that will be found on the other side of us speaking and sharing JESUS!

Psalm 81:10 “Open wide your mouth and I will fill it” Speak! Awake! Arise! Open your mouth and let HIS BREATH and HIS GRACE come out!! May your mouths be loosed in Jesus. Speak grace over your families, your world and the world. It is the NOW season, the now theme in the spirit to speak up! Once you know Whose you are and what Jesus has done for you, how can we be silent? We have been set free to know and to share with others.

Isaiah 4:8 Here I am send me…I pray the message of GRACE and the impact of it will not stop at me or you but multiply in and through us in Jesus name!!!

Much love & grace

Tara x

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