Have you ever looked at someone else and felt discouraged, as if you could never reach that standard? Like you will never be that good? Or perhaps you will not dare to do something for fear of receiving remarks afterward about how you could have done it better or differently?

Maybe when you were a child, your parents compared you to a child who seemed to do better in their eyes? I was. I have been to all these places, and it is no fun at all! Although I liked the competition, I realized that if from the start, there was no way I could win, I would not have tried in the first place.

The devil is always trying to intimidate you by placing a picture in your mind of what you could never be, in the effort to prevent you from becoming who you are called to be.

It is convenient for him to draw a picture in your head (because that is all that it is) and intimidate you. This way, you will never step up. As long as we look horizontally at each other when we try to do something, we will always feel as though we are not enough.

When we compare ourselves to another woman, we only see what we lack. We observe and accept the idea that the other woman seems to be better off. If you are married, how many times (be honest with yourself) have you caught yourself believing that every other man out there is doing more for his wife than yours is for you?

Although the Lord gave each one of us tailor-made gifts and talents, we tend not to take them seriously. I could make a whole list of what I see in other women that I would love to have myself. I have even tried to copy them in the way they are as wives, mothers, preachers.

Everyone is unique. We can see individuality in everything about a person; their iris, ears, nose, feet, and hands are unique. No one else on earth is as you are. It is crazy to think that even inside your body, every organ has it’s own appearance and functions differently than the rest. The Lord used His creativeness to make each one of us different, and that brings Him honor. Characteristics differ from person to person, and conveniently so.

Women should motivate one another to be who we are meant to be. Use your tongue to lift up, build up, and encourage the women in your lives. Help them not to compare themselves to each other, but instead, to look to Jesus and the talents He placed within them.

Speaking words of encouragement to a woman will only further enable her to rise up. She will blossom in her gifts and dare to give more. Then the whole body (of Christ) will benefit. When we all do that, when we all raise each other up, we will see the bride of Christ shine like never before.

We need each other for our strengths, and it is up to us to call it forth in each other. The devil only wants to push everyone down. Ensure that you give your tongue to say a kind word to someone today. Choose to complement one another by saying things like, “Wow, when you said that, it was great!” or “when you laugh, the whole room lightens up” or “your husband is blessed to have you as his wife,” or ” you are an amazing mother,” or ” I am so thankful for your gift of prayer.”

It does not need to be complicated. Speak from your heart. It takes a secure, strong woman to compliment another. And that is YOU! I motivate you to do it and see everyone flourish around you, and you will reap what you have sown!

All my love


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