So here we are in the middle of a full LOCKDOWN! Who would have ever imagined that something like this would happen when 2020 started. The year of mountain-moving faith! We have found ourselves right smack bang in the middle of an epidemic of global proportion that will change things forever. What a time to be alive!

Like the rest of the world, I’ve been here at home with my lockdown crew, my family of four. I’m a mom to two amazing, handsome, easy-going teenage boys and wife to a husband who loves me probably more than I deserve most days, God’s grace in my life. I would say that I’m set up pretty good for the next few weeks, maybe even months of ‘social distancing’. I have loved being more present with my family, cooking meals, baking, even the laundry has been somewhat fulfilling. In fact, hanging the washing is something I look forward to as it’s become my place of conversation with the Lord! It’s somehow replaced my morning ‘mascara prayer session’ in the bathroom since I have no need of it now being in lockdown!

As the weeks have progressed, the novelty of homeschooling, working from home and Zooming in my PJ’s has slowly started wearing off, and some days I even feel a little disconnected, anxious, insecure, unsure and just overwhelmed with the reality of everything. So what’s really going on?

I was hanging the washing one morning, having a moment with the Lord, tears rolling down my cheeks, feeling condemned, telling Him how far I was feeling from Him if I was being really honest. Never mind social distancing, ‘spiritual distance’ is what I was feeling. Have you ever just wanted to feel His tangible presence but you’re experiencing the opposite, as if He’s nowhere to be found, miles away. No matter what you do, you just can’t seem to hear His voice or sense His nearness?

Not too long into my little ‘woe is me’ moment, because He is so faithful and loving, I heard the Holy Spirit say “Don’t worry about what you feel, just have faith”. It was a real awakening right there as I realized that I have been completely absorbed by my emotions, letting them lead and overtake me, and that none of them were true!

The Bible says, “without faith it’s IMPOSSIBLE to please God”. To please God here doesn’t mean to try earn His approval, but later in that verse it says God is “a rewarder of those who earnestly seek [demand from/worship/take from] Him”. When we choose to have faith, He rewards us! He imparts His supply, joy, peace, wisdom, provision, protection, assurance, identity, mental health, whatever you need in that moment.

In Matthew 14:31 Jesus said to Peter, “Oh, you of little faith!” In other words, “Why do you take so little from Me?” It brings such great pleasure to God’s heart when we believe and trust in Him, even when we can’t see or feel it.

Jesus told Thomas in John 20:29 “Thomas, now that you’ve seen Me, you believe. But there are those who has never seen Me with their eyes but have believed in Me with their hearts and they will be blessed even more!”

The truth is we may feel really strong and brave some days and not so courageous and faith-filled on others. Feelings are fleeting and futile. They change from one minute to the next. They can’t be trusted! But faith when activated ushers in the full supply and provision of heaven!

Our heavenly Father isn’t just concerned about the big grand moments of our lives, but cares about the small, personal, seemingly unimportant and insignificant ones you may be going through and wants to ‘meet you at the wash-line’ to remind you that He’s got you!

Today, together, let’s decide to take from Him and step into faith!

From my heart to yours,



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