God has been so faithful in my life and all thanks to Him my husband and I have an incredible testimony.

Since a little girl all I wanted to be was a mommy and a missionary. Peter Pretorius (Jesus Alive Ministries) prayed that over me from a very young age. I met Ty, my husband, at Youth and married him after dating for 9 years. After being married for a year we decided to try for a baby. A year went past and long story short we went for all the tests and we got told we fall under the 1% unexplained infertility. I’m textbook and ovulated perfectly and Ty was told to never have an affair as he has a very high sperm count and will leave evidence everywhere.

So we fasted and prayed and decided to do IVF. R75 000 later we fell pregnant with twins a little girl Hannah Grace and a little boy Joshua Luke. We received a prophecy telling us they will bring thousands to Jesus.

I was the Grade 3 head at Trinity house Randpark ridge and loved it. It was the day of my baby shower and we had 150 people attending. I got home and my water broke. Ty rushed me to the Sandton Medi Clinic where they said they were going to give me a drug to stop the labor. From the moment my water broke, I felt the Holy Spirit wrap me in a bubble. They said they stopped my labor but a few hours later I was rushed in for an emergency c-section. Hannah Grace was born first weighing 550 grams, followed by Joshua Luke who was 660 grams – both were alive. Hannah survived for 3 hours and then held Ty’s hand and passed away and then at 38 hours old, Josh too passed away. We had my whole family standing outside the NICU speaking in tongues and declaring life as we clung to the prophesy we received, that these twins will bring thousands to Jesus. But both of them went to Jesus. That night God promised me restoration. 

I pleaded with Him “not restoration but just revive Hannah and Josh”. We went home and I cried so much that I ripped open all my stitches. My doctor was away and I saw another doctor who held up a huge pic of a womb and told me my womb would never hold life again. 

Ty and I decided to do the Daniel fast and Dr Rodney Howard-Browne was doing a revival service in Pretoria. We drove there every night for a full week. On the second last night when we arrived, I told God I’m pressing in like the women with the issue of blood and that I’m not leaving the church building until he calls me out. There were 5000 people and Pastor Rodney said there is a couple here that have been trying for a baby and pointed at us. As we stood up, it was quite a walk to the front, I heard the audible voice of God say: “you have been faithful, you are not alone, I will restore”. As we reached the front, Ty my husband, said to God: “this man has no idea what I’m feeling, he hasn’t lost a child”. Pastor Rodney immediately took his hand and said to Ty: “I know exactly how you are feeling. My daughter also passed away holding my hand”. He prayed for us and 5 weeks later I fell pregnant naturally with my little Hailey Grace and two years later Olivia Hope.

Olivia’s heart also stopped and God breathed life back into her. He is so faithful.

We were looking for a while for a church with a good Sunday school for our biggest blessings. We are so blessed to have found Home – Redemption Church. And we are loving it!


Rebecca du Plessis

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