“My heart leaped” interview with pastor Tara


How did gracious start ? 

Frustration! It started out of frustration, I felt frustrated at the amazing, called, anointed women around me not taking their place in ministry or using their voice for to glory Jesus with their revelations and testimonies. 

So I repented for my frustration to lord .. and then asked him what is it that is making me feel this way ?  

The answer was go do something about it… 

My response was, I like women’s ministry BUT … a big BUT it’s just not my thing… I’m not a girly girly girl as that is what I assumed you needed to be ? And secondly I am shy introvert and enjoy being on my own, I don’t really do the sisterhood thing ( nothing wrong with sisterhood) I just felt unqualified to do a sisterhood.  

The lord then very gently and beautifully got hold of me and dropped into my spirit and heart… I don’t want unto focus on sisterhood … I want you to focus on me FATHER and you my daughter and bring and facilitate dates with a father and his girls.  

And for me – that was a BIG Yes, I can do that and my heart leaped at the thought of those intimate moments with our Abba.  

And so from the very first gracious gathering to the gracious daughter’s conferences and gatherings we do now … we see it as a beautiful moment and date we get to help facilitate for a loving father loving his beloved daughters.  

And now we have the opportunity and platform to encourage and equip all women to use their voice for His glory and to share their Jesus story.  

The truth is there is an army arising within gracious daughters of not just girls & women’s but daughters of God who know who and who’s they are and know that they have Authority that is theirs as daughters of God through Christ Jesus. 

What’s is your dream world wide? 

Gracious is inclusive and not exclusive.  So you can live anywhere in the world and speak a different language and feel like you belong. Because it’s not about fitting in and how girly you are or not…. But it’s all about Jesus and our relationship with a loving father. 

Our hope is that there will be gracious daughter gatherings all over, everywhere carrying out His heartbeat for a special date with His daughters and place to make room for all to share their Jesus stories and cheer and inspire all to have courage to go for it for Jesus and step into their God ordained callings. 

How are we embedded with redemption? What is our outreach mission?  

We are a church that has a women’s ministry.  

We are not our own separate ministry.  We are submitted to the vision and mission of the church under the appointed leadership.  When we gather it’s a church event. And a church conference.  

We see gracious daughters as a ministry that serves and grows the church.  

We believe that gracious daughters is an opportunity to all gracious daughters to invite the lost and unchurched. Often people might say no to Sunday church but come to a girls gathering.  So we really do see it as outreach tool to reach out and invite our friends loved ones to a church event that is going to give them Jesus but not traditional church on a Sunday. 

Our heart is not water down Jesus and to let each girl experience a touch from heaven and let the hilt spirit resonate with their spirit that this is it.  

Our intention is to make every person feel welcome, loved, seen, comfortable in the finer details of each gathering so that Jesus can do what He can only do in the hearts of every woman and girl. 

For whom is gracious daughters conference and what do we want them to receive?  

We want women to receive a refreshing and a touch from heaven.  To be reminded of whose they are and what God says over them. And to be reminded they have a crown because they are royalty and an heir.   

To feel that unconditional love and acceptance from the father.   

To shut out the world and chaos of life for a moment to just sit and receive and hear His voice for you.  

Gracious is for every women.  Saved or not saved.  Lost and broken or the ones that are sharing their redeeming stories of how Jesus saved and touched their lives. 

How do we reach the women of the world ? What is our outreach mission ?  

It is us the Gracious daughters first encountering Jesus and then inviting their or our world. We all have unsaved people we know in our lives.  

Unsaved people will rarely come on their own but they will come if someone they know and trust invites them.  

Us girls who call ourselves gracious daughters where once also lost,broken,blind but now we are found, seen and belong. Now we can go tell others and bring them  and invite them.  

Our job As gracious daughters is to facilitate the date and moment and Jesus job is the saving but your job is the inviting. The question is who are you inviting? 

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